In tough economic times with difficult decisions to be made to improve a balance sheet, the natural instinct for most business owners is to cut back rather than invest for success. However, true visionaries know that, even in a shrinking marketplace, there is ample business out there, and they proactively and aggressively pursue their share.

Just as businesses rely heavily on the specialized advice of their attorneys and accountants, visionaries know the value of having a strategic communications counselor on their senior “think tank” team. Engaging a proven, seasoned outside counselor, such as an integrated marketing and public relations firm with a successful ROI track record, will:

  • add more specialized expertise to your team and “think tank”

  • add more team member support (more hands and brains) without increasing your payroll, benefits, etc.
  • allow C-Suite and management teams to remain steadfastly focused on building their core business (what they do best), while experienced communications professionals focus on what they do best

  • immediately increase and broaden your circle of relationships with your firm as a third-party endorser
  • assist you in re-visioning to best capture market and news media opportunities today, while planning for future growth

  • provide thought-provoking outside perspectives to prevent costly tunnel vision

  • save money (by averting detrimental mistakes in image building, branding, printing/production; and eliminate non-results-generating activities/initiatives)

  • help grow business by:
  • developing and managing a flexible strategic plan
  • identifying and introducing new and untapped markets, referral sources, and media opportunities
  • recommending in-line diversification and/or repositioning
  • increasing credibility by serving as your “market” ambassador
  • interacting with the firm’s established relationships
  • help avoid or navigate through an unanticipated crisis (“The best time to search for a crisis manager or plan for a crisis is not while you are in the midst of one!”)