Strategy & Branding

Strategy and branding are essential components of any successful business. A clear strategy helps organizations identify their goals and the steps needed to achieve them, while branding helps establish a company’s identity and reputation in the market. An effective strategy and branding approach can help businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors and build a loyal customer base. With the right strategy and branding in place, businesses can achieve long-term success and growth.

At Kaye Communications, we are Seriously Strategic! in everything we do, never taking a cookie-cutter template approach. And its never about a single news release, brochure, blog, e-blast, ad or distribution list…but rather a dynamic and brand consistent integrated communications strategy supported by deep, long-established collaborative strategic alliances and relationships. Even when missions seem be short-term and close-ended limited to a specific timeframe (like a grand opening or event), it is vital to know how these invested efforts and achievements can be parlayed to significantly impact long-term brand growth. Examples include increasing brand value with trademarked assets and loyal “friends and fans” ownership is positioning company for future sale or merger or for use in attracting bank and investor capital.

  • Brand Right! MRI™ Communications Audit/Customized Planning Guide for Enhanced Messaging, Relationships, Image
  • Business Intelligence Initiatives: Surveys, Mystery Shoppers, Customer/Client Focused “Best Practices” Evals
  • Positioning, Re-Positioning and Reinvention Strategies
  • Message Development And Planning
  • Benchmark and Objective Setting
  • Niche Audience Saturation & Engagement
  • Corporate Communications (Internal and External)
  • Consumer and B2B Communications
  • Product Launches
  • Reputation Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Awards & Recognitions
  • Presentation Development (PowerPoint, Video, Print)

Serving the C-Suite, entrepreneurs, executives and nonprofit leadership as part of their think tank advisory team, Kaye Communications principals remain on the client’s brand pulse ready to shape and share its brand story on a variety of levels to a spectrum of audiences, create business-generating relationship and media opportunities, expertly match missions of public and private entities for greater brand awareness, education, and activation.  And when needed, we step in on a moment’s notice with strategic 24/7 ER (Ever-Ready) Crisis Communications expertise to avert or diffuse highly public, viral negative attacks on a brand and/or those associated with it.

  • Comprehensive Strategic Communications Audits
  • Communications Counsel and Coaching
    For C-Suite Executive Management
  • Launch and Re-visioning Strategies
  • Media Training
  • Executive Etiquette and Image Refinement
  • Leadership Coaching and Training
  • Internal Communications Messaging and Campaigns
  • External Communications Messaging and Campaigns
  • Reputation Management & Crisis Communications
  • Corporate Conference Planning and Execution
  • Communications Planning for Start-Up Businesses

In today’s economic climate of high competition and low barriers to entry, maintaining the right image, prime reputation and positioning, and activation of your brand initiatives is the key to rising above competitors.

Whether you are starting a new venture or re-visioning and re-inventing, using Kaye Communications Launch Pad services is prime for propelling your business or organization to the top of its market.

  • Brand Strategy Development and Management
  • Integrated, Multi-Channel Brand Communications
  • Visual Marks: Logo and Corporate ID Package Design/Guidelines
  • Trademark and Servicemark Research and Management
  • Tagline and Messaging Development
  • Multi-Brand Integration Strategy and Planning
  • Product Placement and Cross-Promotions
  • Signage: Building, Entry Statements, Banners, and Mobile Wraps
  • Tradeshow and Sales Showroom Displays
  • Continuity Programs

In this ever-changing volatile business environment, changes happen quickly, often without having time to plan. When an executive resigns to move to a competitor or for health reasons, or a company has to terminate a director or even whole departments for a variety of reasons…what happens next can leave senior teams and departments rudder-less.

This disruptive worklife event can be highly damaging to your brand–internally or externally, critically weakening your positioning, and worse, opening the opportunity for stakeholders and loyal audiences to try a competitor while waiting for your chaos to settle down. And then you have the Herculean task of winning them back! And then keeping them.

When you have Kaye Communications as an integral on-going partner in your company leadership, our team is poised to immediately jump in (as we have done so many times!) and serve as an outsourced in-house team or even recruit and/or provide a KCOM executive to lead onsite in times of unanticipated communications executive severance or transition.

  • Of Counsel/Coaching Internal Communications Teams
  • PR/Marketing Executive-On-Loan (Temp) Program