When it comes to branding and marketing for hospitals, specialty providers, physician practices, industry organizations and suppliers, we understand the critical balance needed to create authentic engaging communications that adheres to industry regulatory compliance and HIPAA requirements.

We are masters at positioning healthcare clients as leaders and trailblazers in their specialties; generating engagement of their internal stakeholders (management teams, employees, and physicians) as business ambassadors; educating niche markets (patients/physicians, influencers and recommenders) on the distinctive features, advantages and benefits; and creating opportunities for results-focused marketing, news generation, social media initiatives, and collaborative partnering.

Our connection to the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University (the only medical school in Palm Beach County), along with our working relationship with Promise Healthcare for more than a decade, has kept us up-to-date on developments in the field. This experience is invaluable in keeping our healthcare clients in the news… and out of the news when necessary. Our experience and foresight in crisis communications has often prevented costly litigation, tunnel vision and eliminated non-results-oriented activities and initiatives and their related expenses.

Our marketing communications services for healthcare providers include C-Suite “think tank” brand communications strategy, business/market intelligence; brand creation, refreshment, or reinvention with related messaging; corporate meeting and trade show planning; employee manuals and education programming; patient communications; marketing collateral development; content and design/build for websites, print, broadcast and online marketing; media relations; social media initiatives, foundation development, and strategic communications planning to manage brand perception and avert and diffuse crises.


Our clients will tell you…

“[Bonnie and Jon] Thank you sincerely for all your efforts. The college would simply not be where it is without you.”

John W. Newcomer, M.D.; Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Programs, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at FAU

“[Bonnie and Jon] Congratulations!  Even this [FAU Trustees Appreciation] award cannot adequately express the gratitude that we have for all you have done for the University and the College of Medicine.  I am honored to have you as friends.”

David Bjorkman, M.D.; Dean, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at FAU

As we have grown, since 2001, from six hospitals in six states to our now 15 LTAC hospitals in 10 markets, you have always been accessible 24/7, proactive, and cost-sensitive.

While your charge is marketing and communications for our corporate office and individually for each of our hospitals, to achieve our communications and business development goals, your team has always shown compassion for our patients, respect for our physicians, understanding of and engagement within the diversified communities in which we serve, and a “teamwork” mindset and practice in working with our corporate and hospital teams. And you work and deliver the news media, in more than 10 markets and the healthcare trades, like no other firm I know.”

Peter R. Baronoff, Chairman and CEO, Promise Healthcare

“It has been a pleasure working with the Kaye Communications team in launching Success Healthcare. Developing our corporate logo, website, rollout collateral, the rebranding of our hospital, and media relations in both Los Angeles and St. Louis with such a short lead is greatly appreciated.

Your management of the media during the ownership and management transition and ramp up of new positioning were right on target. Peter Baronoff was right… YOU REALLY GET HEALTHCARE, hospital communications, and launch initiatives. There is no question that, during this start-up, Kaye Communications’ professionalism, expertise and 24/7 accessibility made a defining difference when working with such tight deadlines and fulfilling short lead needs.”

Don Steigman, (Former) Chief Executive Officer, Success Healthcare

“Throughout my 20 years in healthcare compliance I have found there are few better stewards of healthcare communications than Bonnie Kaye and her team at Kaye Communications. Finding the right “vibrant, memorable” solutions while understanding, respecting, and complying with the regulatory guidelines is why she works so well–not in conflict–with healthcare legal and compliance officers…in both marketing and crisis communications management.”

Fran Nigrello, MHL, CHC, Corporate Chief Compliance Officer at Episcopal Health Services, Inc.

“Bonnie Kaye’s development of dynamic internal corporate and physician/patient/community marketing and PR communications strategies for healthcare companies and affiliated hospitals throughout the country is outstanding. She is also an accomplished, media savvy company spokesperson with the ability to diffuse crisis scenarios.

She knows how to engage audiences with market-relevant brand messaging, and develop reader-friendly content for complex medical specialties (such as long-term acute care hospital treatments) through master storytelling in local and regional marketplaces while imparting a consistency of corporate vision, mission and brand promise.”

Michael A. Buda, HR Executive & Employment Attorney


  • Promise Healthcare, Inc.
  • Promise Hospitals (19 hospitals in seven states)
    • Baton Rouge-three campuses (Louisiana)
    • Florida at The Villages (Florida)
    • Miss Lou, Vidalia (Louisiana)
    • Phoenix (Arizona)
    • East Los Angeles-two campuses (California)
    • Lee County-Ft. Myers (Florida)-under construction
    • Louisiana-Shreveport and Bossier City campuses (Louisiana)
    • Miami Lakes (Florida)-under construction
    • Salt Lake (Utah)
    • San Antonio (Texas)
    • San Diego (California)
    • Shreveport (Louisiana)
    • Southeast Texas (Nederland. Texas)
    • Vicksburg (Mississippi)
  • Success Healthcare
    • Silver Lake Medical Center, Los Angeles (California)
    • Forest Park Hospital, St. Louis (Missouri)
    • St. Alexius Hospital. St. Louis (Missouri)
  • Superior Healthcare
  • IHS Dialysis
  • AssureImmune ( adult stem cell collection and preservation leader)
  • Dr. Marta Rendon
  • Dr. William Kay
  • Dr. Dan O’Hara
  • Dr. Stephen Haas
  • SuperSlow Zone
  • Physicians Medical Review