The KCOM Advantage

At the helm of account teams and alliance partnerships with more than 85 years of experience in marketing, sales, media relations and community outreach, firm principals Bonnie and Jon Kaye drive Seriously Strategic!℠ innovative business-generating marketing communications, media initiatives, relationship-building, community engagement and reputation management for a diverse roster of regional and national clients in a variety of industries.

Our clients will tell you that we:

  • are “game changing” strategists, always starting with a blank canvas and business intelligence to conceive, develop and implement traditional as well as trend-setting innovative communications strategies that best target and engage current, prospective and influencer audiences.
  • position clients as trailblazing “stand out” leaders in their industries, by identifying and focusing on what distinguishes them from others in their marketplace.
  • are brand communications masters, developing original, authentic and engaging visual, written and verbal messaging and content that empowers brands/companies/missions to grow and dominate their marketplace.
  • are an effective blend of wisdom and youth, making the most of seasoned expertise and experience applied with the mastery of the latest marketing approaches and technologies to engage across generations.
  • excel at brand activation through a variety of approaches, initiatives and channels for product, service and destination introductions and launches to brand expansions, re-visioning, re-inventions, and total transformations.
  • are exceptional at “reporting” and “creating” news (as well as keeping clients of “out of the news” during times of crisis) with strong relationships that span across global mainstream and niche print and broadcast, online and blog media.
  • are experts in both mainstream and niche social media platforms, identifying the best fit and content for their organization’s social presence.
  • know how to write “right.” Since it requires variations for niche and general communications approaches and engagements, we are xxxx in strategic communications. Using AP-style journalism protocols, we are experts in both news and feature journalism, brand messaging, marketing, social media content, B2B and B2C internal/external and crisis communications
  • are proactive, professional and protective in our approach, with integrity and credibility being our hallmarks.
  • are on the daily pulse of South Florida business, regional/national news trending and nonprofit communities with our principals serving as respected community leaders themselves with strong, established relationships and knowledge of area businesses and business organizations, government officials, residential communities, nonprofit organizations and media.

The KCOM Difference

As a client, you’ll find:

we are a convenient, full-service, one-stop creative communications hub and brand manager to ensure consistency of messaging and activation, including visual and content development, business intelligence, graphic design and video capabilities.

our “firm-in-the-field” approach supported by our business generation (BizGen℠) collaborations and communications tools do not limit our talent pool to those who must reside within a 30-minute drive from our office.…decades before remote work trended per the pandemic.

our flexible “build-to-suit” business model ensures clients have the best strategists, account teams, content experts and brand journalists focused on their brand mission.

we are accessible 24/7, structured to be on-call to support clients in all time zones, capture a timely “news opportunity” or diffuse a crisis.

with firm principals at the helm of every account, our proven track record demonstrates we are “in it for the long haul,” ideally poised to handle both short-term and multi-year phased-in projects.

our candid counsel has often prevented costly tunnel vision, brand misperceptions, litigation, non-results-oriented activities/initiatives, and thus related expenses.

our firm’s own investment (in time, memberships, board and committee participation, sponsorships, etc.) in the South Florida community results in immediate and effective interfacing and positioning for our clients.

we have an impressive working knowledge and understanding of the regional and national consumer, business, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, social, nonprofit, government and media communities.