To propel businesses and organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries to grow and dominate their market share, Kaye Communications services develops market-relevant strategies supported by expertise in key practice areas and experience in diverse concentrations. Engagements range from comprehensive annual and phased-in integrated programs to quarterly communications assessments, consulting/training sessions and project/campaign-specific initiatives.

Strategy & Branding
Integrated Public Relations
Content & Design


We serve as “game changing” strategists and trusted advisors. We always start with a blank canvas and conceive, develop and implement traditional as well as non-traditional strategies.

We are experts in identifying and promoting your company’s, product’s and/or service’s distinctive features, advantages and benefits (FAB) to your target markets (often identifying untapped FAB elements that have gone unnoticed as assets or new audiences and markets that fit the overall vision). Our specialty is identifying and best utilizing our clients D.N.A. (dynamic news advantage).

Our firm principals are true brand masters, developing distinguishing original and authentic visual, written and verbal messaging and content that empowers brands/companies to grow and dominate their marketplace.

We excel at brand activation through a variety of channels, from product and service introductions and launches to brand re-visioning, re-invention and total transformation.



Bill Gates may have said it best when he said “if I had two dollars… I’d spent one of them on PR.”

Organizations and businesses today have more opportunities than ever for meaningful, in-depth and sometimes two-way communication with their target markets and the ability to reach new audiences.

We have a proven track record, and are “in it for the long haul, ideally poised to handle multi-year phased projects.

KCOM’s instincts/expertise/media relationships help keep clients in the news… and sometimes out of the news when necessary.

KCOM works “under the radar.” We become our client’s third-party endorsers and ambassadors as well as their “eyes and ears” in the marketplace, empowered to deliver a seamless infusion of their profiles and positioning into our day-to-day interactions and relationship communications.


“Content is king.” “Presentation is everything.” Let KCOM combine both for you seamlessly to create a streamlined vehicle to effectively express your brand’s identity.

Media is now more visual than ever. That’s why Kaye Communications offers several services to increase your brand awareness by video, graphic design and photography. Consumers nowadays are less likely to read anything without a visual component accompanying the written word. Our firm crafts Seriously Strategic! messaging, while also delivering jaw-dropping visual content to keep your audience’s attention. As a full-service firm, we can create your advertising, develop your company’s website and establish your brand by redeveloping, altering or adjusting your company’s logo.