BOCA RATON, Fla (March 29, 2015) My Israel Center will be a dynamic, interactive, state-of-the-art experiential center where Israel comes to life. Through personal, interactive, soulful and immersive experiences through multi-media technology and thought-provoking group dialog, the My Israel Center will share the beauty of the land and its people, the richness of its history and heritage, the wisdom of its sages and intellectuals, the sanctity of its place as a light unto the nations, the miracle of its existence and the global impact of its technological advances and medical breakthroughs. Senator Joseph Lieberman serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Board of the My Israel Center with Alan Dershowitz serving as its Honorary Vice Chairman of the Board.


The My Israel Center is designed as a dynamic, interactive, state-of-the-art experiential center where Israel comes home to South Florida. Through ingenuity and multi-media exploration the My Israel Center is designed to serve as an inspiring public symbol and powerful education tool as a ‘game changer’ in how the landscape of connectedness to Israel and Jewish identity forms for this and next generations.


To inspire and heighten understanding and connection to the Holy Land — the birthplace of the Jewish nation and the homeland of its forefathers — it is important to share the story of Israel’s pioneering spirit and what is being accomplished there today. In today’s challenging times, My Israel Center will reframe the global narrative from a positive perspective and empower an entire generation to see the real Israel, the Israel that is beautiful and meaningful on a personal level for strengthening Jewish discovery and identity.




  • To provide an unforgettable, engaging experience that brings Israel into the minds and hearts of visitors in a positive, long-lasting way.
  • To create an open, honest and healthy environment for exploring and discussing the past, present and future of Israel and the Jewish people.
  • To be a highly professional, technologically advanced, inspiring center for Israel education, and a source of pride for the Jewish community.




During their visit, explorers will tour through deliberately small intimate sections for learning and engagement. Designed in collaboration The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) and Jewish Children’s Museum, guests will tour through intimate-sized areas designed for optimal ‘small group’ exploration flow. These consist of:


Prologue Hall/Main Lobby

The first impression visitors will have upon entering My Israel Center is a hall where they are surrounded by stunning digital imagery of Israel and a foretaste of the tour ahead. The inviting and dramatic architecture is both engaging and awe-inspiring, preparing visitors for the exciting, interactive experience that awaits.


Main Square
This is the central plaza, a public space designed for congregating that facilitates conversation. Visitors meet one another and gather their groups as they enjoy interactive, informative terminals that serve as conversation starters to encourage discussion and reflection.

Inspiration Hall
This serves as My Israel Center’s interactive educational hall, a “senate,” where visitors learn about and debate some of the most vexing dilemmas of Israel’s history. Using interactive remotes to cast their votes, visitors imagine themselves at different times in history and relive the debates and experience the challenges first-hand. They can step into the sandals of Abraham and Isaac at Mount Moriah, confront the conspiracy of the ten spies, relive the challenges facing Joshua during the conquest of Israel, delve into the challenges of living under foreign rule, and more. Participants forge a deeper connection to the stories while gaining a deeper appreciation of Jewish wisdom and how it applies to different circumstances.


Interactive Hall

This is where it gets personal, with two exhibits that allow individualized exploration, allowing for each individual or group to tailor their experience to match their interests.


The Explorium

Visitors can walk around freely and choose from dozens of interactive tabletop computers, touchscreen displays, smartbooks, audio stations, and media drawers, spending as little or as
much time at each station as they like.


Virtual Reality Theatre
Visitors choose their setting and their character, put on their augmented reality headset, and begin exploring unlimited new worlds, enhanced by unbelievable 3D landscapes and captivating surround sound.


Mini Israel

Visitors step into a mesmerizing 3D model of Israel, featuring its dramatic geographical diversity and its most famous cities. The display is interactive and complemented by video art that adds information and ambiance.


Epilogue Hall

A key goal for the My Israel Center is that visitors should take Israel with them, in their memories, their hearts and their actions. Before leaving, they can record their reflections in our recording booths, watch the reflections of other visitors, and learn about resources to continue their Israel connection.


To learn more about My Israel Center or to discuss sponsorships and dedication opportunities,
visit or contact Rabbi Ruvi New at [email protected] or
(561) 394-9770 or Dr. Leon Weissberg at [email protected] or call (561) 417-7797.