Broken Sound Club takes its mission seriously regarding environmental sustainability and has led the club industry in “green” initiatives.


It is only the second golf facility in the U.S. and 14th in the world to be GEO Certified – the sustainability assurance of the Golf Environment Organization, an international non-profit dedicated to supporting sustainability in the sport of golf. Bringing clear insight, guidance and golf’s most constructive, credible and comprehensive certifications, GEO is a leading resource for sustainable golf solutions.


Jonathan Smith, the Scotland-based CEO of GEO noted that “the management team at Broken Sound has demonstrated how every golf club can transition to increasingly sustainable practices — even in relatively short timeframes.”


“Their vision, commitment and teamwork have reduced resource consumption as they gradually naturalize the golf courses,” Smith continued. “Their flagship composting and water treatment projects will have tremendous added benefits for the club and the local community and demonstrate both innovation and determination to make a significant difference.”


Broken Sound has received Audubon Sanctuary Certification for both of its golf courses. On any given day, golfers get a glimpse of a variety of endangered and protected birds.  Recent sightings include the Red Crowned Parrot from Mexico (75 to 100 of them last year were spotted on The Old Course over a couple of weeks); Western Spindalis (Part of the Tanager Family); Ruby Throated Hummingbirds; and Bananaquits (adult male) to the majestic American Bald Eagle.


It has also reclaimed water for its golf courses and common areas, and established the first industrial composting project in Florida. The Club received honors from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for recycling 92 percent of its waste — about three times the statewide recycling rate for the commercial sector – and was a Green Corporate Citizen award finalist at the Corporate Recycling and Waste Conference.


After investing in the composting machines and staff to convert leftovers and course wood into compost that can be spread on the fairway, John Crean, CCE, the Club’s General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, declares the Club’s trailblazing recycling/sustainability plan a tremendous success. In an article published in
the Sun-Sentinel, he reported that “not only are things looking greener, but the Club has been able to reduce
its use of pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizer that can cause water contamination. When you get an opportunity to protect the environment and make dollars, that’s something that I’m going to do every day.”


Broken Sound Club has teamed up with the Allianz Championship tournament leadership that launched a major green initiative in 2012 when it retained the Smart Group, an organization of ecologists, scientists and educators and academic researchers. The Allianz Championship became one of the most environmentally-friendly events of its kind and the “greenest” PGA tournament with 92 percent of tournament materials recycled.


“Because Broken Sound is light years ahead in the ‘green’ space from other golf communities, we were able to trail blaze in the ‘golf’ space during our 2012 tournament,” noted Allianz Championship Tournament Director Ryan Dillon. “The collaboration was peerless in the tournament community, and we look forward to reducing more of our carbon footprint and increasing recycling percentages this February.”




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