Following 17 months of unprecedented challenges, Florida Atlantic University’s Schmidt College of Medicine will return to hosting its annual White Coats-4-Care (WC4C) major scholarship fundraiser in person on campus. The reception will be held on Wednesday, August 4 at 6:00 p.m.; location and parking details will be announced and forwarded to all donors in July.


“Now more than ever, raising medical scholarship funds is an essential mission,” shared Co-Chair Jon Kaye, who with Kaye Communications (KCOM-PR) partner Bonnie Kaye has co-chaired WC4C for 11 consecutive years since its inception. “As FAU returns to in-person classes and a fully open campus in the fall, it will be poignant and inspiring to gather as a community to raise scholarship funds to support the incoming class of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine.”

Seated Center: WC4C Co-Chair Jon Kaye, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Interim Dean Sarah Wood, M.D., and WC4C Co-Chair Bonnie Kaye surrounded by medical students.

At bottom: WC4C Co-Chairs Jon Kaye and Bonnie Kaye, (on first step on right) Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Interim Dean Sarah Wood, M.D., with medical students.

With the average cost of a medical education reaching $250,000 in-state to $400,000 out-of-state, 80-85% of the College’s talented students require financial assistance. Heavy debt often impacts both a student’s choice of medical school as well as their medical specialty based on its income potential to repay loans.

“The recent global health crisis has highlighted how critical it is to train and nurture our next
generations of physicians, scientists and healthcare heroes,” added Co-chair Bonnie Kaye.
“Scholarships give students the ability to follow their hearts, not their debts, into lifelong medical careers.”

WC4C donation options include:

  • $200 provides a medical student’s first white coat. In the pocket of every new white coat will be the name of the individual, family or company that supported the student’s dream of becoming a doctor.
  • $500 provides a medical school scholarship in memory of Founding Dean Michael L. Friedland, M.D.
  • $1,000 for a valued community partner electronic tribute in the College of Medicine lobby featuring the donor name for one year.
  • Pledge of $20,000 or more to join to White Coat Society by supporting students through all four years of medical school; pledge paid annually in installments of $5,000 per year.

from left: WC4C Co-Chair Jon Kaye, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Interim Dean Sarah Wood, M.D., WC4C Co-Chair Bonnie Kaye​

WC4C co-chairs are supported by a dedicated committee, including Patricia Anastasio, M.D. and Thomas Mersch, Esq.; Melissa Azrack; Alisa Cohen; Lori Berman and Jeffrey Ganeles, D.M.D.; Donna and Joseph Biase, M.D.; Phyllis and Michael T.B. Dennis, M.D.; Bryan and Joanna Drowos, D.O.; Beth and Kenneth Garrod, M.D.; June Gelb; Bonnie Halperin; Arlene Herson; Beth Johnston; Allen B. Konis, D.D.S.; Deborah Leising; Natalia Margolis; Elizabeth and Stuart Markowitz, M.D.; Francine and Nathan Nachlas, M.D.; Lynn and Joseph Ouslander, M.D.; Ronald L. Rubin, D.M.D.; Constance Scott; Robin Trompeter and Robert Weinroth.

“We are committed to attracting, nurturing, and sustaining an exceptional and diverse community of students who will become our future physicians and scientists,” shared Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Interim Dean Sarah Wood, M.D. “Together, we want to train doctors who mirror the communities they serve. We are proud that FAU’s Schmidt College of Medicine is ranked 24th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report with respect to the diversity of our medical students.”


Launched in 2010, FAU’s Schmidt College of Medicine is one of approximately 157 accredited medical schools in the U.S. The college matriculates up to 64 medical students each year and has been nationally recognized for its innovative curriculum. To further FAU’s commitment to ensure that the region will continue to have an adequate and well-trained physician workforce, the Schmidt College of Medicine Consortium for Graduate Medical Education (GME) was formed in 2011 with five leading hospitals in Palm Beach County. The Consortium currently has five accredited residencies in internal medicine, surgery, emergency medicine, psychiatry, and neurology as well as three fellowship programs in cardiology, geriatrics and hospice/palliative medicine.

To attend the 2021 WC4C, donors must register online at by Friday, July 23. To learn more about the White Coat Society or other gift options, contact Assistant Vice President for Development David Green, at (561) 297-4243 or [email protected].