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Meeting The Clients Needs

“Bonnie, on behalf of the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, I want to thank you for your invaluable vision, strategy, time, support and commitment that was put into the Business is Good!™ initiative that Kaye Communications, Inc. conceived and developed for the Chamber.   A wonderful buzz was created at the Business Awards Luncheon when we debuted it, and we look forward to continuing the launch of this initiative with your guidance!

With almost 400 business and community leaders in attendance, this awards luncheon truly was one of the Chamber’s most prestigious events of the year, and we were fortunate to have Jon and you, and Business is Good!™ be a part of that.”


Troy M. McLellan, CCE
President & CEO
Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce


"Kaye Communications, Inc.'s strong community connectivity and leadership
positioning in South Florida, along with your keen alliance-building abilities has
delivered important relationship-building and positioning in several untapped markets for Kaufman Lynn, as well as strengthened many of our existing business, community and nonprofit relationships.

Your team is always proactive, quick-to-respond, and remain flexible to take
advantage of unanticipated opportunities that arise (even at 2 a.m.), while
always staying within budget. I still smile when I look at the front page coverage you pursued and secured in the Palm Beach Post of our company's “Take Your Child To Work” Day within weeks of our becoming a client. It was a great boost of pride for our team, and noticed by a large percentage of those with whom we do business and/or recommend our services."


Michael I. Kaufman
Kaufman Lynn, Inc. General Contractors


"As we have grown, since 2001, from six hospitals in six states to our now 15 LTAC hospitals in 10 markets, you have always been accessible 24/7, proactive, and cost-sensitive.

While your charge is marketing and communications for our corporate office and individually for each of our hospitals, to achieve our communications and business development goals, your team has always shown compassion for our patients, respect for our physicians, understanding of and engagement within the diversified communities in which we serve, and a “teamwork” mindset and practice in working with our corporate and hospital teams. And you work and deliver the news media, in more than 10 markets and the healthcare trades, like no other firm I know."



Peter R. Baronoff
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Promise Healthcare, Inc.


"Kaye Communications, Inc. continues to prove that we have a Madison Avenue-level marketing and public relations firm in Boca Raton, just minutes from our headquarters.

In addition to your expertise and experienced counsel, what truly sets Kaye Communications apart from other communications firms is your ability to listen,
learn and interact well with our senior management and marketing team in order to effectively communicate our distinctive features, advantages and benefits to our audiences.

Keep up the good work!"


Howard B. Koslow
President and Chief Operating Officer
Sun Capital HealthCare, Inc.

"It has been a pleasure working with the Kaye Communications team in launching Success Healthcare. Developing our corporate logo, website, rollout collateral, the rebranding of our hospital, and media relations in both Los Angeles and St. Louis with such a short lead is greatly appreciated.

Your management of the media during the ownership and management transition and ramp up of new positioning were right on target. Peter Baronoff was right… YOU REALLY GET HEALTHCARE, hospital communications, and launch initiatives.

There is no question that, during this start-up, Kaye Communications'
professionalism, expertise and 24/7 accessibility made a defining difference
when working with such tight deadlines and fulfilling short lead needs.

I look forward to our working together as we grow the Success Healthcare brand."


Don Steigman
(Former) Chief Executive Officer
Succcess Healthcare, LLC


We continue to track/clip the [Old Homestead’s $100] burger hits - seriously amazing publicity.  Much of which is due directly to your having had the right media - good contacts, good pitching - at Tuesday's event and then pitching hard in the days that followed. Congratulations. 

Now, what are you doing tomorrow, to top this? (smile)

Re:  Results of KCOM’s media relations efforts to announce Old Homestead Steak House’s grand opening at the Boca Raton Resort & Club using a $100 hamburger as the new springboard.  More than 300+ broadcast hits (including national placements as NBC Today, CNN Headline News, Nightly Business Report, MSNBC and regional/city features in LA, NYC, etc.) were secured and hundreds of print and online hits (from the US and Canada to far as Australia, Japan, China, and UK and Europe) that were generated from the Associate Press story and photos we delivered. 

BusinessWire notified us that it was one of the most emailed stories of the day
(on the 20th, the day of the $100 burger debut). While a successful result targeted for one client, the Old Homestead, the media placement hits scored for our client, the Boca Raton Resort & Club (location of the Old Homestead), was a simultaneous home-run.


Anne Hersley-Hankins
(Former) Director of Corporate Communications
LXR Luxury Resorts


“Bonnie and Jon, you make what you do look effortless, but we who are in the know, are very much aware that what you do is far from easy and requires a skill set that rests and prospers on good, effective strategy.  By doing your job as effectively as you do, I am able to focus on my job of running the overall tournament operations, confident in knowing our community and media relations are in good hands at Kaye Communications. 

 Your instinctual ability to not only “report” the news, but also “make” news was evident by your impressive “hole-in-one” front page Business Section color feature article “Teeing Green” in the Sun-Sentinel that showcased our participating sponsors.                 
As tournament director, I have witnessed and applauded the broad-based community relations and media coverage you secured to put our inaugural event on the sports, community, social, business, and media maps.  We started from zero awareness in our first year to now attracting more than 70,000 attendees, and maintaining strong annual sponsor participation.”


Ryan Dillon
Tournament Director
Allianz Championship



"When anyone asks, 'Do I know of a good PR/Marketing firm? I say 'No… but I know a great one… Kaye Communications, Inc.”

Your strategic marketing counsel, implementation, and media relations have resulted in increasing my business by 30% for the past two years.

I will never forget the time you created an ad smartly placed in the Sun-Sentinel that was brought in-hand by a new customer who saw the ad while in town for a business conference in Ft. Lauderdale and drove up to our store in Boca Raton … resulting in a $100,000+ sale for me! That really made my week and month."


David Stern
David Stern Designing Jewelers


"BRAVO on the comprehensive marketing/public relations action plan you developed and presented to our tenant, The Gallery Center last week. After reviewing it, Mike Kaufman and I know that our referral of Kaye Communications, Inc. to them was a smart one.

You mapped out an effective course of action featuring a choice of menu items that is realistic to accomplish within their phased-in budget parameters. You presented a back-to-basics, no-nonsense effective plan with panache that focused on the real have-to foundation elements rather than an impractical “wish list” that could not be supported by a rather limited budget.

Mike and I will continue to confidently recommend Kaye Communications, Inc. to various sized businesses, organizations and professionals seeking honest counsel and development of innovative, multi-audience communications programs that
deliver results in this new economic environment."


Stephen L. Haskins
Chief Financial Officer
Kaufman Lynn, Inc. General Contractors


“As our corporate communications firm of record for six years, Kaye Communications and its principals Bonnie and Jon Kaye, have always effectively communicated the Muvico Theaters vision to the media and the communities in which we opened new locations. 

They were pivotal in the launch of the Muvico Palace Theaters [Boca Raton], which was the first of its kind in the exhibition industry, and instrumental in gaining Muvico national media coverage on NBC’s Today Show, TIME magazine, New York Times and the Nightly Business Report.  I recommend them with enthusiasm.”



Hamid Hashemi
(Former) President and CEO
Muvico Theaters


"Both of you do a terrific job in community relations. Your talent, combined with your attention to detail, your contacts, and your follow-through, really provide
great results for us. We are very pleased to have Kaye Communications as
partners in our community relations initiatives. Bonnie and Jon, thanks again
for everything!"



Jean-Jacques Pergant
LXR Hotels & Resorts



"What can I say… the “Coaching Boca's Coaches” Workshop was phenomenal!
I can't thank you enough for putting together an incredible event. Certainly, never before has there been a time when so many key community leaders have come together in one room before – and it all happened here at the Boca Raton Resort & Club!

I was just saying to some of our guests yesterday what a terrific job you
both do at community relations . The fact that we have Kaye Communications as partners in our community relations initiative give us a “step-up” in this important facet of public relations. Bonnie and Jon, we look forward to many years of working with you as you lead us in our community relations' efforts … I'm anxious to hear of your next great idea!"


David S. Feder
(Former) President

Boca Raton Resort & Club


“Bonnie and Jon Kaye are two of the most innovative Public Relations specialists
that Town Center at Boca Raton has the privilege to work with on a daily basis.
Due to their strong connection in the community, they helped “save” Halloween
in Boca Raton by pairing Town Center with the Boca Raton Resort & Club.
Because of this they were able to present the community's best and safest
Trick or Treat option (attended by 8,000-10,000) after the destruction caused
by Hurricane Wilma. Bonnie and Jon Kaye represent the best that Boca Raton
has to offer."


Sam Hosn
(Former) General Manager

Town Center at Boca Raton


"Thank you for all your efforts with Halloween. Pulling together two major
organizations in Boca Raton (us and the Resort & Club) last minute in an effort to “save Halloween” went off remarkably well. Even on our busiest day during the holidays I have never seen the mall so packed full. I also know that key to this success was the man hours you put in calling on the media and the community to come out to Town Center. Due to the lack of power and phone lines from Hurricane Wilma I realize this was a huge task. Thank you for helping us and the community fell 'normal' again."


Linda Rinaldi
(Former) Director of Marketing

Town Center at Boca Raton


“Through the more than six years I have worked with Kaye Communications, their services and creativity are top-notch; they were tremendous support to me and my team 24/7 which helped make each theater opening a huge success.  They have been on time and on budget with the numerous marketing campaigns they have accomplished for our company. 

Kaye Communications worked with us on theater openings both in Florida (the
openings of the Palace in Boca Raton, Coconut Point in Bonita Springs and the
Muvico Parisian in West Palm Beach) and in other markets as well, including the
Peabody in Memphis, Tennessee.  I recommend them without hesitation.”


Jim Lee
(Former) Director of Marketing

Muvico Theaters


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